What does BIPS stand for?
BIPS stands for Balistic Impact Protection System, which is a leading slip-plane and impact technology inside the helmet designed to reduce rotational and impact forces that can result from certain impacts.

What is BIPS?
The BIPS system is designed to add protection against the energy transmitted to the brain from ballistic and fragmentation impacts to the helmet.

Can the BIPS system be added to other ballistic/Bump helmets? Yes, The BIPS system is designed to fit any similar style helmets.

Does the BIPS system Interfere with the current NIJ Standards?
No, some cases, the helmet with BIPS may show slightly better results due to having more material between the skull and the Helmet surface.

Does the BIPS system influence the fit or comfort?
The BIPS is designed to add minimal volume and weight. Those helmets that are retrofitted with BIPS might see a reduction in helmet size by one size.